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Myles Gray Scentsational Trio Kasey Rainbow

Myles Gray Scentsational Trio Kasey Rainbow

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Three crystal infused candles to bring the bright energy of summer into your home!

Invigoration (Coffee)

Wake up to the rich and creamy fragrance of organic coffee beans being blended with notes of vanilla. Black Tourmaline crystals are infused to ward off any negative energy and to protect your aura.

Imagination (Fairy Floss)

Sweet notes of musk and strawberry will entice your senses and take you on a trip to a carnival in the summertime. Rose Quartz will enhance feelings of love and comfort. 

Illumination (Margarita)

Coconut paired with zesty lime will transport you to your favourite holiday destination, take a moment to breath in relaxation and breathe out any stress or worry. Clear Quartz will increase your mood and happiness and amplify other crystals around it. 

The nitty gritty:

  • Burn time: 25 hours x 3
  • 100 gram wax
  • 200 gram weight
  • 100% natural soy wax
  • 100% cotton lead, free wicks
  • Hand poured in Melbourne
  • Affirmations will provide stronger energy
  • 7 affirmation cards included

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